Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Brides Against Breast Cancer

Hi everyone - we want to highlight a fantastic organization that we're getting involved with: Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation. It's an organization raising money and awareness for breast cancer. Their mission is to provide an opportunity for metastatic breast cancer patients' dream or wish to be fulfilled by providing a special time for "Making Memories" together with their families. They also want to educate the public about the vast resources and support available to breast cancer patients and their families.

They have an event coming up in DC - Brides Against Breast Cancer - a gown sale! For all you brides looking for a wedding dress this is a fantastic event where you can get an amazing gown for a really low price. Prices range from $99 to $799, with many gowns being new designer/brand name dresses. Event planners - grab your brides! Brides - grab your bridesmaids! See everyone there!

Stay tuned for our upcoming Tea Party/Pink Envelope Party to raise money for this organization!

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  1. Have you heard about FAMEDS fight against the FDA to continue to allow Avastin to be on-label for the 17,500+ women with metastatic breast cancer that the drug is working for? Please sign and share our urgent petition to save these women!