Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tea Sets - Setting the Mood

Continuing with our theme of elegance and class today we'll be covering tea sets.

Since childhood I've been obsessed with tea sets. Every dinner, house party, or conversation took place around tea. Although not everyday was appropriate for the "nice" tea set, when that tea set did come out I would get excited (what a nerd! I know). And everywhere I went I'd check out the goods - from the red and white polka dot tea sets to the traditional Russian net tea sets. So needless to say I'm a huge believer in everyone having a fabulous tea set - whether expensive or not - it's a great way to express yourself and it makes a great decor accessory.

So why not add it to your registry (wedding or birthday)? Here are some of our favorite brands - these will cost you an arm and a leg but a girl can dream right??

The first tea sets come from Gien (France). Whether your style is classic, modern, or shabby chic you can find something you like here.

For insane luxury check out Haviland (France). Their pieces are over the top and I can't help but love them. For a full collection check click here.

For the ultimate girly tea set collection check out Deshoulieres. They have an extensive catalogue and have something appropriate for every style. Click here to check out the catalogue.

And the last, but DEFINITELY not least, is my all time favorite - Russian Cobalt Net Tea Set. While my grandmother is surprised at my obsession with the everyday russian tea set I dream of the day that I will own one. Its beauty and elegance is timeless and in my opinion perfect for any home decor. I love love love it! Click here and here to check out some more.

Whether you're looking for a new tea set for your home or are looking to throw a tea party (bridal shower, baby shower, a simple girls' brunch) a beautiful tea set will elevate your soiree!

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  1. LOVE IT! I just got some ammmmazing antique tea cups and saucers from Japan and Germany at an estate sale. I love taking them out and looking at all the detail work. Love the ones you chose above