Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dressing Up - Cuff Links

This week we'll cover some great accessories (for both men and women) that elevate your style (wedding day or everyday). While Mad Men has had a significant influence on wedding decor it has also transformed the fashion culture - especially male fashion. Men are now focusing on sophistication - from tailored suits to pocket squares - and dressing for success.

A great way to personalize any dude's style is through cuff links. This "old school" accessory is making a huge comeback and because of this, jewelry and fashion designers are spending a little extra time coming up with beautiful designs. One UK jewelry designer, Kiki McDonough, is creating some of our favorite cuff links and we'd like to share:

These amazing cuff links make a perfect gift for HIM. They can also serve as another way to emphasize your wedding color palette. Using green as your accent color? Why not get your fiance green-accented cuff links? A sophisticated gift that will last him a lifetime (and always remind him of the big day!).

To check out more from Kiki's collection click here.

Tomorrow we'll be covering TiePins!

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