Thursday, August 28, 2014

Midlane Farm, Louisville KY

This past 4th of July, we spent some relaxation time at Midlane Farm in Louisville, KY. This lovely property is owned by Chas+Kim, who are not only the sweetest but do an amazing job maintaining this beautiful property.

As we chatted with them, we found out that they recently have opened up this amazing space to weddings and no lie - I wish they were closer to our DC office. The property is history, natural, and offers so many different possibilities. No two weddings have to be alike, because options for the ceremony backdrop are endless and so are the options for reception setup. This farm also lends itself to anything from elegant garden receptions to rustic, layback celebrations. 

Below are some pics we snapped while relaxing in this peaceful place:

And here are some additionals we grabbed from the web - from a former smokehouse covered in vines, to the 1820s original stone house, to the many stunning trees perfect for lantern suspension, your photo ops are limitless.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The L'Ermitage Beverly Hills

There’s no doubt that the Viceroy Hotel Group has some incredible properties across the country and even world-wide yet one of my favorites is nestled right in the heart of Beverly Hills with a breathtaking 360 degree rooftop view of the vast Los Angeles layout.

The L’Ermitage Beverly Hills is a boutique, five-star hotel catering to high-end professionals in town for business that only demand the best, to Hollywood’s elite and celebrities alike. This luxury centric urban getaway prides itself on remembering it’s guests while going out of their way to make your stay enjoyable and most importantly, unforgettable.

Along with beautiful rooms and amenities, the L’Ermitage offers various different event spaces, allowing for a vast range of parties spanning from weddings, to corporate events looking for a new spin on a cocktail party, to a classic baby shower to a fabulous launch event for your new emerging brand. Private suites and conference rooms, a ground floor terrace and a gorgeous Pavillion where you look out on a tranquil waterfall wall surrounded by lush greenery and flowers are always being transformed into a special space for some kind of fun event! But where the buck stops for me is the truly versatile rooftop.

Being that I’m an LA girl that lived in Manhattan for many years, a great view always takes the cake for me! Take a glance North and you see the Hollywood Hills covered in chic, upscale modern homes along side the iconic Hollywood Sign, turn around to the South and point out the world-famous Rodeo Drive shopping hub and heart of the entertainment industry’s corporate world. The West view doesn’t fail in beauty while you enjoy the California coastline kissing sparkling ocean water in Santa Monica. And finally East allows for our Downtown skyline to shine as well as show off the Griffith Observatory.

(Photo Credit 1: Studio DBI)
(Phot Credit 2:

No matter which way you look, the ultimate dream of a perfect view while in the middle of an ever-changing, exciting town like Los Angeles is presented to you on a silver platter at The L’Ermitage Beverly Hills. Currently offered is a tented, open-air main portion of the rooftop that will soon be enclosed in glass come 2015, as well as a smaller Rooftop Terrace with access to a hip pool if that fits the scene of the party. And let’s face it, being that we are in LA it’s usually always bathing suit weather!


(Photo Credit 1 & 3: Studio DBI)
(Photo Credit 2:

L'Ermitage Beverly Hills
9291 Burton Way 

Beverly Hills, California 90210 

Phone: 310.278.3344 

Fax: 310.278.8247

Monday, August 25, 2014

Design Inspiration - Swinging 60s

The 60s are making a huge comeback this season in fashion. As retro lovers, we are obviously excited and are looking forward to seeing our couples bringing in some of these elements into their attire. We've searched the interwebs for some of our favorite wedding attire+accessories channeling the 60s and our favorites are below:

Nothing says 60s like this pillowbox hat with a veil from BeChic Hair Accessories and how adorable is this scalloped lace dress from JCrew?        
A French Twist with some cat eyeliner bring the 60s back in a such a hip way:

This Rosa Clara gown has a structured top, textured fabric, and a big 60s signature bow - love:

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wedding Wednesday - 3 Wedding Etiquette Surprises

This week we revisit wedding etiquette.  Here are answers to three uncommon wedding etiquette questions.  The answers may surprise you!

1.  Do I need to feed the band?  

The reason why I consider this question “uncommon” is because you shouldn't even have to ask. Yes! You need to feed the band.  It’s common courtesy to feed all of your vendors working at your wedding reception.  They work long hours to ensure you have a fabulous wedding, and all that work can make a person hungry.  This includes the DJ, photographer (and assistant!), all members of the band, and the wedding planner.  Confirm the number of vendor meals with your caterer when the final meal count is given.  Most vendors will require a meal as part of their contract, and the caterer may offer a discounted “vendor meal”.

2.  My friend assumes she is going to be in my wedding party because I was a bridesmaid in her wedding.  Am I obligated to have someone be a part of my wedding party because I was a part of hers?

Be prepared. This can be touchy and feelings may get hurt, but you are not required to have anyone be apart of your wedding party (regardless of whether or not you we are part of theirs).  Maybe your reason is because you want an intimate affair, or you have a ton of siblings and relatives that you would like to include.  Whatever the reason, tread lightly with your friend.  A nice gesture is to have her be a part of your wedding in a different way - like reading a poem or giving a speech.

3.   I already know that a potential wedding guest is unable to attend our wedding.  Do we still need to send an invitation?

No.  You do not need to send a formal invitation, if someone has already let you know that they cannot attend your wedding.  However, if the person is a close friend or family member, you may want to send an invite, anyway.  Be sure to let them know that you sent the invitation along as a keepsake, so they don’t assume you're fishing for a gift.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

LA Tuesdays with Shaken Knot Stirred

There are a few “usuals” people always talk about when it comes to a good party….the top two hands down: music and booze! Whereas the industry offers a wide array of deejays and bands that are excellent for different reasons based on the clientel’s favorite genre, a good bartender must consistently provide established cocktails that have been around for decades without variation as well as inventing their own signature cocktails that need to be universally delicious.

Shaken Knot Stirred knows the meaning behind quality cocktails whether old or new. Co-Owners, Vartan Naldjian and James Ingram, having worked in the service industry for years, know what it takes to produce stellar service (not to mention all of the bartenders are dreamy, shhhhhhhh! I didn’t say that!) that is stress free for both the client and the guests. Whether they arrive to a perfectly set up station or need to whip up a miracle last minute, they pride themselves in the high standards that surround their quickly growing business.

So let’s get serious and talk MIXOLOGY people! If you need someone to pour a drink, sure…they can do it like pros but if you need someone to invent a specialty cocktail for your event on top of the regular duties, the Shaken Knot Stirred team will surely impress your guests’ taste buds.

                                 (Photo Credit)                                                                                        (Photo Credit)


Contact the SKS team to discuss their event packages including the Gold, Platinum, and Diamond options. Each option allows for “well” alcohol, “premium” alcohol, or “Top Shelf” alcohol at varying prices.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wedding Wednesday - Wedding Day Attire Timeline

This Wedding Wednesday we’re talking timelines.  Not just any timeline, but wedding attire timeline.  When should you start shopping for your wedding gown?  How far in advance should the groomsmen order their tuxedos?  We’ve got answers to these questions and more below!

Wedding Gown
Start shopping for your wedding gown 9-10 months prior to your wedding (if your getting married in 6 months, go right now!).   Choosing a wedding dress is the part of the wedding planning process that brides are often most excited about, but don’t start shopping too soon!  Styles change, as may your taste.  Also, don’t visit the bridal shops until you are ready to purchase a dress.  It’s quite disheartening to try on that perfect gown and fall head over heels in love, but walk out with nothing.

Once you’ve chosen your dress, you should pay for and order it by 8 months prior to your wedding date.  Wedding gowns, on average, take 4-5 months from payment to delivery.  Of course, all shops and designers are different.  Allow yourself ample time for delivery and alterations.  Schedule your first fitting for 3 months out, 2nd fitting for 6 weeks out, and the final fitting should be 2-3 weeks before your wedding date.

Bridesmaids' Dresses
Aim to have your attendants’ dresses picked out with 8 months to go, and have your girls order their dresses within the 4-6 month window.  This will allow 2-3 months for delivery and 4-6 weeks for alterations (allotting time for a 2nd fitting, if needed).  Again, all shops are different.  Some dresses may come in right away, while some of the smaller boutiques may require more time.  Check with your specific location, once you have narrowed down that perfect bridesmaid dress.

Veil, Shoes, Accessories
About 5 months before the big day is when you should start shopping for your veil, shoes, undergarments, and accessories.  You’ll need your shoes and undergarments by your first fitting.  Consider bringing a couple different types of undergarments with you.  Different cut bras, shape-wear, petticoats, etc. can drastically change the look of your gown.  You’ll want to make sure everything fits perfectly and isn’t visible with your dress on.

Groom and Groomsmen Tuxedos/Suits
The style of the groom’s and groomsmen suits should be chosen by 4 months prior to the big day, and ordered about 2-3 months out.  Check with the store where the suits are being rented.  Many of the bigger chains have larger inventory and the suits can be ordered a little bit later. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

LA Tuesdays with Designer Specialty Linens

Designer Specialty Linens is by far one of the top linen vendors in Southern California. Known throughout the industry and loved by clients, DSL manufactures their own linens utilizing the highest quality of fabrics, which allows their team to create custom designs for any event!

Being that DSL is the go-to for major weddings and occasions, they pride themselves on being in the know and having a jump on all the hip tables dressing designs. Both event professionals as well as couples planning their special day, are welcome to visit either of their San Pedro or Orange County showrooms for consultations. While meeting with one of their incredible sales team members, you will be able to see a joyfully overwhelming amounts of prints, patterns, textures, and colors offered throughout their various collections of linens, overlays, runners, and napkins.

(Photo Credit:
(Photo Credit:

(Photo Credit:

DSL serves Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Diego County, Ventura County and Santa Barbara County.


Orange County Showroom
17962 Sky Park Circle, Suite A
Irvine, CA 92614
Appointments: 949.253.3400

San Pedro Showroom
1921 N. Gaffey Street, Suite G
San Pedro, CA 90731
Appointments: 310.548.5183

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wedding Wednesday - 5 Essentials for Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

This Wedding Wednesday we are listing out some wedding emergency kit essentials.  While your emergency kit will no doubt include a plethora of items you hopefully won’t need, but probably will, we’ve narrowed down the 5 items that should absolutely positively be included.

1.  Small Travel Sewing Kit (includes needles, thread, safety pins)

2.  Band Aids

3.  Mints  (not gum!)

4.  Deodorant
     Go for a clear solid or small travel aerosol spray, it’ll make it easy
     to freshen up without getting all over your dress

5.  Fashion Tape
     This magical invention can be used to keep a dress from slipping
     or fix a hem in a pinch

Runner Up
Straws! So you can stay hydrated without worrying about messing your lipstick or spilling on your dress.

** Items such as lipstick, powder/blotting squares, and bobby pins should be put in your clutch or in the hands of your maid of honor for easy access during photos and throughout the day.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

LA Tuesdays with Yeah! Rentals

There are many vendors one must go through when booking an event based on the specific brand or theme being represented. Something any planner will see quickly in the LA market is that when it comes to furniture and décor rentals, the range of options is daunting for some but exciting for me!

Yeah! Rentals, located in my quaint neighborhood of Atwater Village on the Eastside of Los Angeles, is an immediate stand-out. Self described as a “furniture and props rental house specializing in mid century modern, industrial and cosmic  southwestern design,” I think you can clearly get a taste that this isn’t your normal rental company.


                Teal bend farmhouse wire chair.              Yeah! Hoop Chair                           Acapulco Chairs
(Photo Credit:

(Photo Credit:

              Geometric Table Walnut Cube Coffee Tables
(Photo Credit:

Various Poufs.
(Photo Credit:

After checking out the Yeah! Rentals’ workspace and witnessing the collective of artists in an atmosphere that inspires creativity, I really started to understand the vision of owner, Michael Antonia. Not only has Michael accumulated a mass amount of props, pieces of furniture and art, and accessories throughout many years of working in the event business which now make up Yeah!’s inventory (and is always being added to of course), he is also the founding member of The Flashdance.

The Flashdance is an artistic collective that offers a whole package of options for your events including: The Flashdance (DJ services), Our Labor of Love Photography, Shark Pig Videography, Smile Booth Photobooth, as well as Yeah! Rentals.

Based out of both Los Angeles and San Francisco, the Yeah! Rentals team goes out of their way to work within your budget and deck out your event in style. Whether an event, commercial or just home staging, make sure to check out and to see all of their incredible furniture options!

Atwater Village, CA
P: 323.522.3843